The Veto #comfortablyfast Ride

Thank you to our amazing partners: Biklean, BIODERMA and Evian.

Next ride : Saturday 6th June

The Veto ride happens on the first Saturday of each month

You are invited to the Veto #ComfortablyFast Ride! 

Join for a long ride along the Al Qudra cycling track - running through the beautiful dunes of Dubai - to connect with friends and other fellow cyclists.

  • Start: Bottom of the Stick (BOTS) at 5:30am
  • ~140km: Al Qudra Cycle Track (may be adjusted due to track conditions)
  • Two Stops. Evian refreshment break @70km, Coffee stop at TOTS @100km.

Fill your water bottles, pack your pockets with nutrition and don your favourite socks to pedal alongside within the like-minded community.

Join the Veto WhatsApp Community Group.

Thank you to all our Partners!

Evian is a uniquely sourced natural mineral water from the French Alpes that is always refreshing & naturally hydrating. evian naturally filters through layers of protected underground rock in the French Alps for over 15 years. When it emerges at the evian source it contains already a natural mineral composition, which gives evian its unique, crisp taste.

Evian provide hydrating water at our first refreshment stop.

BIODERMA Photoderm is a full range of sun products for all types of skin and sensitivity to the sun. Prevention of skin reactions including allergies to the sun or chemical filters, sun protection for sensitive skin, sunscreen for children or babies, specific sun protection for oily to acne-prone skin, dry skin or hyperpigmented skin.

Riders can protect themselves with BIODERMA Photoderm sun protection.

BiKlean provide a highly professional en-suite service for your bike wherever you are located!  The BiKlean vans are always around Al Qudra in the mornings enabling riders to have their precious bikes meticulously cleaned before leaving.


What? Where? When? How?

(Subject to change due to track conditions).

The ride begins at 5:30am at BOTS. After a prompt start, the route will head up the 'stick'. At the top of the Stick (TOTS), we will turn right and pass underneath the Spinneys arch.

The ride will then pass the Mosque and along the second extension (in reverse). The water stop and location is not yet confirmed however will be at about 70kms.

The route will complete the dune circuit after completing the first extension - in reverse - and passing the solar park before taking a well deserved refreshment stop at Zads at TOTS.

That leaves just a short 18km ride to finish at BOTS.

Pace? Comfortably fast of course!
The speed is mostly a consequence of weather conditions on the day and length of pulls from the stronger riders. We expect the average ride speed you'll be posting on Strava will be somewhere between 34 and 38kph.

It's not so fast that you'll require a TT bike - road bikes only please!

Drop or No Drop Ride?
We try to make this a no-drop ride where possible.

If there is an incident - for a puncture as an example, we will stop the main group to help. More hands (and opinions) are better than one.

If you are visibly struggling on the ride, please don't be offended if we recommend that you take the shortest route back to your starting point.

The speed will build in the kilometres before the coffee stop. If you drop at this point, the group won't stop so you need to be able to cruise to the coffee stop under your own steam or in a gruppetto. 

Can I manage it?
Although there will be many supportive riders in the group encouraging your completion, we recommend that you only join if you have good experience of riding your road bike for distances beyond 100kms - solo.

This isn't a supported ride (yet) so you need to know you can complete the distance whilst supporting yourself for the full distance. Make sure you have sufficient nutrition and water plus plenty of spares for any punctures and bike repairs.

When's the next #ComfortablyFast Ride?
These rides happen every month - for the exact date, keep an eye on this page, follow our Instagram or join the Veto WhatsApp community.


Veto #ComfortablyFast Ride