Performance: Comfortably the Fastest Socks Available

Wind Tunnel Testing

The Veto MVR 1.0 Cycling Sock has undergone rigorous independent performance testing in a state-of-the-art wind tunnel. The MVR 1.0 model was thoroughly evaluated alongside a wide selection of premium cycling & aero socks from renowned brands, ensuring a comprehensive performance benchmarking process.

 Veto Socks are proven to be:

  • 7.8 watts faster than bare shaved legs
  • 3.6 watts faster than premium brand cycling socks - no sock was faster!
  • Equal or better than premium brand aero socks as used on the World Tour


Aerodynamics - Technical Explanation

Design effort is focussed on minimising the drag behind the sock. Reducing the width of the wake trailing behind the leg allows cyclists to ride faster.

For cycling speeds of 30kph and lower, a laminar boundary layer is operating around the cylinder of the sock. The separation location of the flow is quite forward on the sock - which is a similar location for all socks. However, data shows Veto Socks still outperforms its peers at this lower test speed.

With higher speeds and a turbulent boundary layer, the separation location on Veto Socks is further aft than that of its test peers. The specific properties of our sock cause the turbulent boundary layer to have more momentum around the leg and therefore the separation location occurs further aft. This concept is magnified as the speed increases from 40kph to 50kph.


Test Data

Veto Socks outperformed the equivalent premium brand cycling sock competition in every data point but one!

CDA (y-axis) mapped against speed (x-axis).