Exquisite Technical Design

Our exquisite technical design enables performance at the very highest level.

A human-centred approach was used to design the Veto Cycling 1.0 Sock. Our approach consists of creative problem solving; combining what is demanded functionally, aesthetically desirable, and the technologically feasible sourced from all industries - to deliver an exquisite, world-class, high-performance product.

The development doesn't stop at our 1.0 version sock. We will continue looking for ways to deliver comfort and speed performance for all our riders.

The major features of the Cycling 1.0 sock (with the green toe) are highlighted below.

Contoured Shaping Produces an Excellent Fit

The specially selected polyamide and elastane yarns are manufactured into a very fine sock fabric on Italian knitting machines which produces a snug fit around the foot.

A wide, ribbed compression band keeps the sock firmly in position and avoids twisting. These features prevent ‘sock slip’ when sliding feet into shoes.

The sock is finished with a double welt cuff to keep the socks in position on the leg without over-compressing the skin.

Breathable Mesh Upper Sections Enable Outstanding Temperature Regulation

Whilst we design for the whole sock to be breathable, increased focus is applied to upper areas to disperse heat and allow the foot to breathe.

The mesh has a dual purpose – it extends around the ankle front to maximise moisture wicking and evaporation away from the skin through each pedal stroke.

Maximum Power Transfer

The thickness of the sole is kept to a minimum whilst maintaining comfort for longer duration rides. This ensures maximum power can be driven from the foot through the sock’s contact area into pedal.

Designed for 14 Degrees up to very Warm Conditions

A light polyamide yarn is combined with our specific arrangement of fine knits to create a sock which is moisture-wicking, breathable and allows temperature regulation.

This makes the Cycling 1.0 sock perfect for cycling in warm to very hot weather (14°C+).

Seamless Socks

We want to remove areas of the sock that cause friction and irritation.

Many technological solutions have been considered and applied to our design to minimise seams throughout the product.

The primary seam across the toe 'box' is hand stitched remove the legacy seam and eliminate chafing across the toes and on the sides of the feet.

Style vs Performance

The height was chosen to be as high as possible to increase performance and compression whilst maintaining aesthetics and the spirit of a classic racing sock.

The style applied on the leg is the result of considerable design thinking which balances the needs of aerodynamic principles, compression needs, breathability and aesthetics.